In August Apple lost a great man, a businessman.. Yesterday the whole world lost a great mind.

Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine

The man who believed there CAN be stores selling products from only one company.
The man who dreamed that every home should have a computer (or two..).
The man who built the foundation of OS X.
The man who convinced the music industry to stop fighting the web for piracy, but instead USE it.
The man who gave us Pixar.
The show man.
The man who reinvented the phone.
The man who managed to make his biggest competitors talk sweet about him and even push back lawsuits between MEGA corporations.

The man who made me happy since that sweet day that I bought my first MacBook Pro.
We all know this list has no end.

Thank you Rainbow SA for giving me the chance to learn more about this man and see probably some of the best decisions he ever made while taking Apple from the floor and driving it to the top of the world.

Thank you Steve Jobs for everything you gave me..

..oh.. one more thing, this is not about X, macs, phones, music or any other product.

PS. Its the saddest place to be online. It used to be the other way around.


Thank you Chari for the awesome job on the portrait.  

Building the Lego Space Shuttle

For months I had this video sitting on my desktop. Unfortunately I don’t have time to edit it. So here is a quick one..

Building the 1,204-piece set that includes a pad, detachable fuel tank, booster rockets, robot arm, retractable landing gear, opening cockpit, opening cargo compartment, satellite and a ground vehicle.

A wonderful set that even separates and lands!

It was really hard to find this set in Greece but I did it 🙂


A Wally on the island

In the beginning it was the movie..

After that the book..

Then, it was the live shock when I saw it far away, screaming..
Of course I was sure what it was.. This toy can only be made by one man..
Luca Bassani Antivari!

Then it came on the marine. 1st Wally visiting the island.

You can like it. You can hate it. One thing for sure..

Its fuc** woozy! 

So whats left? What else..

To shoot the 118…….

Enjoy the best bitmap data I’ve ever captured.