7 days to learn Adobe Air by the Italian master Marco Casario

Marco started a 7day-7posts with really useful information on Adobe Air. (an Adobe Flex 3 is following)
He started the posts from zero so you have to know nothing about Air in order to follow!
You can read Part 1 on his blog.
Marco is well known in the Macromedia Community and I want to believe that he is one of the reasons that 360Flex and MAXEU2008 conferences will take place in Italy!
Learn more about Marco.
I’m currently reading his latest book “Flex Solutions: Essential Techniques for Flex 2 and 3 Developers “ and I have to admit that I really enjoying it. I was kind of tired reading about “theory” of Actionscripting and “MXMXLing”(!!) so Marko’s book really helped me on this because in each chapter of the book YOU ARE MAKING something so you are able to see how it actually works!!
Since the first book I have read for Flash (from Macromedia Press) was one of this type, I just love it..
You can buy Marco’s book from Papasotiriou bookstore for 60,98 euros or just order it from Amazon for 22 euros(!!!).

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