Photoshop Express is here!

For most of the people out there, Photoshop is the king of Adobe. I don’t disagree PS is THE app, for designers, photographers etc but I can’t compare it to the beautiful Flash Platform (you know the Macromedia happiness). I would agree that we can’t and shouldn’t compare them since they are totally different. It’s just that for me Adobe==Flash Paradise.. Anyway since Photoshop is the master in image editing we can understand the price of the product. What would you say for a lite image editor named with the same name (+Express) and most importantly created by the “same” persons who made the Master Chief Photoshop. Oh did I mention that it’s free too? And guess what.. It is made with the flash platform!!! A beautiful Flex application.. This is mind-blowing! Imaging it.. Do your magic in your photos and have them online, available anytime PLUS have your favorite image editor, THE image editor online available anytime again!! The mother-ship is smart enough to create this thing by her self! 😉
As you may have guess I am really impressed. Enough with the words.. Go make an account and try it for your self. Adobe is kind enough to offer a 2GB free home for your creations and your domain under: ***
My account as you can guess is
By the way when you register there is a field asking for your country and offers only US as an option. Don’t bother as it worked for me.. Just choose US.. (I hope this is ok for Adobe..). Here is a screenshot:

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