Flex Builder, the bug and the video..

“remember.. all I am offering is the truth..”

Ok Flex Builder “has” this think that really bothers me. It is very annoying and makes me feed sad, first of all because of the money I gave and secondly because I can’t watching the best monitor ever, displaying my desktop like this. The “bug” is that after 30-40′ of FB (for Christ’s Sake, this does NOT stand for facebook!!) being opened and then I use expose or just close FB I can still see the Flex Navigator and the Outline panels on screen! This marvelous, hi-tech Fx is happening thanks to the new feature of my Apple Cinema 23″ HD called “ghosting“. As you may already figured out this has nothing to do with FB..What did you expect to say, that Flex Builder sucks? No, at least not for me. Flex Builder is my 455,9 MBs of paradise. Right now there are about 40 apps on my dock, do you want to know the one that I am really proud of being there? You don’t need to ask.. 😉 On the other hand I was thinking that maybe my lovely monitor has started to falling in love with Flex Builder.

Anyway I wanted to play a video in a specific area on my display just to see how fast these ghosts would go away. So I opened up my video folder and I came across this super video that you can see above. I have to say that I love collecting videos, especially related to Adobe and the above is one of the best of them. Considering all the super stars in there like Kevin Lynch (yes the CTO and Senior Vice President of Adobe!!) and Matt Snow and a lot of other cool Adobes and let’s just don’t forget that the video was (it seams to) recorded in Macromedia’s core building (and Adobe’s core building for me) I thought I should post it here, just in case there is someone out there that haven’t seen it. Watch it and have fun!

..here is the video:

The player will show in this paragraph

Adobe is falling in love with the GPU.

Flash Player 10 beta (“Astro”) went public a few days ago and one of the main new “characteristics” is the one of the more use of the GPU. Flash Player keeps moving more and more processes from the CPU to the GPU. And as Tinic Uro (the human nature of the Flash Player) says, this doesn’t always mean faster processing. So it’s good to have a look on his post about “What does GPU acceleration mean?“.

Just in case you where in some cryogenic lab or in the spaceship with Sigourney Weaver and you have just landed on Earth, after you check if you carry any Alien baby, you can read about the new VERY HOT features of Flash Player baby 10 in Justin Everett-Church’s blog.

Anyway according to this article* I came across today, Photoshop CS4 (code-named “Stonehenge”) will have GPU acceleration as well.

So it’s obvious to wonder, is this the end of the CPU development as we know it today?
Is the day, that we will describe our machines by referring to the GPU as the 1st and most important piece of h/w instead of the CPU, really close?

*In case you read the above article, please have a look at John Nack’s blog also in order to be well informed..

Akto presentation: Flex and Air in Greek.

On May 22 I gave my first presentation about Flex and Air in Akto (Private College of Applied and Fine Arts). I have to admin that I was very anxious and nervous, obviously because of the fact that it was my 1st talk and in about 20 minutes I had to explain as much as I could about those 2 babies. It was really really hard as I had to skip some sections like showing some demo Flex apps and I had to talk about some features very quickly but it’s ok since that was just a “first touch”.

I’m really looking forward to another event with more time available and of course with MY demo apps..

Besides the speech I was also lucky enough to meet Andrew Lindstrom (Adobe MEA Rigional Manager) and Alastair de Wed (Adobe Compliancy Manager for MEA and Mediterranean), 2 really nice guys! Alastair told me that my keynote “was all Greek to him”, which is fun since Arul Prasad had told me that before when he saw the Greek Developer F.A.Q. of Air (Alpha). Well I can understand that.. 🙂

After the event we had lunch and it was nice to meet in person with the Managing Director of Anodos, the official distributor of Adobe in Greece, Mr Kostas Dimakopoulos and George Kaiafas, the marketing manager of Anodos. I can’t wait to talk to them again and see how Greece is going on the Flash/Flex/Air side of things.

I would like to thank Charis Tsevis, the Adobe South Africa Channel Manager for the Mediterranean (oh..that was long..) for giving me the opportunity to talk about what I love so much and definitely his wife Eva for her support during my speech because I was ready to fall down! Thanks Eva!
They are a really great couple and I feel lucky to meet them.

I would also like to thank Akto for being so generous and offer the equipment and I would like to say congratulations for the award “Adobe Compliance Certificate” they got, an award given for the 1st time to an educational institution in Greece.

At the end I’m going to remove from my “display list of life” my stress and just keep the good moments of the day.

So here is the keynote (it’s in Greek), just in case you would like to see it again.
Bear in mind that it’s not very descriptive as it contains just some bullets so..