Adobe is falling in love with the GPU.

Flash Player 10 beta (“Astro”) went public a few days ago and one of the main new “characteristics” is the one of the more use of the GPU. Flash Player keeps moving more and more processes from the CPU to the GPU. And as Tinic Uro (the human nature of the Flash Player) says, this doesn’t always mean faster processing. So it’s good to have a look on his post about “What does GPU acceleration mean?“.

Just in case you where in some cryogenic lab or in the spaceship with Sigourney Weaver and you have just landed on Earth, after you check if you carry any Alien baby, you can read about the new VERY HOT features of Flash Player baby 10 in Justin Everett-Church’s blog.

Anyway according to this article* I came across today, Photoshop CS4 (code-named “Stonehenge”) will have GPU acceleration as well.

So it’s obvious to wonder, is this the end of the CPU development as we know it today?
Is the day, that we will describe our machines by referring to the GPU as the 1st and most important piece of h/w instead of the CPU, really close?

*In case you read the above article, please have a look at John Nack’s blog also in order to be well informed..

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