360|Flex from San Jose straight to your browser!

As you probably know 360|Flex took place in San Jose from August 18 – 20.

The amazing think is that the guys there decided to record the videos of the presentations and post them on a new hot project that Mr. Flex {aka Ted Patrick} and some other Adobeans are working on. 

You can use the AMP to subscribe to the feed of 15 videos in a very nice quality. 
Some people (including me) are having problems in subscribing to the feed direct from Ted’s blog so Ted was kind enough to share the link to the feed while he is working on it. You can use it to add the channel to your favorites on the Adobe Media Player.
Just in case you want to see the videos asap and you are already here, I have embedded ALL of them below.

All videos are under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 

Thanks to the 360|Flex team and Ted Patrick for this.