Tour de Flex!

UPDATE:Ā It seems that instead of just creating a super hot Flex Component explorer for the desktop the guys are turning it into an amazing community resource! Besides the commercial/non-commercial components, flex skins, FXs, code sample for mashing up with a lot of services and so many other stuff now the community can add stuff too. I can see the bright future of this app. TweetDeck is my most popular Air app so far but “someone” is taking place in there šŸ™‚ Thanks guys. Check Greg’s post for more info on how to put your mark on this super hot app! Ā Ā 

Greg Wilson, an Adobe Evangelist for Flex, Air, CF and other Adobe goodness blogged about a new super hot Air app (of course) with the nameĀ Tour de Flex. It is a Flex Component ExplorerĀ applicationĀ which features a very nice UI as you can see.

From Greg’s post: “The application showcases the core Flex components, AIR capabilities, Flex data access (BlazeDS and LiveCycle DS), numerous coding techniques, cloud APIs, and a growing list of community-developed components, effects, skins and more.Ā  There are 217 total samples in Tour de Flex as of this writing.Ā  We expect to add more every month and have built in a mechanism to easily push out new samples.Ā Each sample has a running demonstration, source code, links to related resources such as ASDocs, community commenting, and more.”

This is the beautiful UI of the app which I have to say that features many nice stuff.

For the Eclipse users and thanks to James Ward (aka RIA Cowboy), the guys also add an Eclipse plugin so now you can directly search from an Eclipse view window!

You can download the app from the right sidebar of this blog or visit the Tour de Flex page which isĀ of courseĀ on There is also a pdf guide there šŸ™‚

Congrats guys!

A note to my readers: I would like to apologize for duplicating posts but sometimes there are things that amaze me and I just can’t keep my self from not posting about them. Just to be fair I would like to ask you to read the original post fromĀ Greg Wilson because besides the specific post, his blog is realy amazing. I should also mention that I really like his WP theme (so much that for a few months I used the same).

Greg I hope you are not pissed off šŸ˜‰

Thanks for the great app.

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