A nice guy wants to get into my house from my Adobe window (aka Octoshape Grid Delivery enhancement)

After a week or so bookmarked and in between another post I’m preparing (finally¬†a bit¬†technical) I’ve¬†finally¬†found some time to read the very informative post from Flash Magazine about “Plugins for the.. Flash Player“.

It was a few weeks ago when I visited this page on CNN in order to watch a video and suddenly I got a message that looked like that:

I have to admit that I’m not that expert in Flash (Im learning..) but of course I have the latest version installed on all macs @ home (yes my bros’ and parents’ mac on the island too) and my love to the platform is GIANT(wow what a word..). So as you can imaging I was sitting speechless in front of my¬†beautiful¬†Cinema Display wondering.. How did I miss a Flash Player update..?? Then I read the text on the express installation dialog box and I was again like Jack on LOST.. What is this? Where am I? Who are the others? Who is responsible for this and of course what should I do? I mean ok its just the express installation window but what is Octoshape Grid Delivery (which has a beautiful name btw)?

I almost¬†immediately¬†asked my best friend, Twitter, about that. – Don’t worry its ok to call Twitter my best friend as the real ones think that Facecook.. oops Facebook is THE web so.. – @UnitZeroOne reply to me about it and so I almost felt a bit calm.

It is obvious that Flash baby Player uses the express install for installing not only updates for him self but other Adobe goodness but this time was different.. Software for another company wanted to enter my house from my Adobe window. You get the point..

Anyway as you can¬†guess¬†I installed it and then I enjoy CNN but today I read the Flash Magazine’s post and I would like to mention it here just in case anyone else was “terrorized” by this.

A few lines that I would like include here from the original post are:

“Octoshape is developed maintained by a Danish company, located in Copenhagen. The software allows anyone viewing a video stream re-distribute it as well, as part of a Peer to Peer (P2P) network. Everyone that views the stream also offers the stream to other viewers and this offloads the central streaming server allowing for more users as well as huge savings in bandwidth costs. This is not a opt-in solution. If you have the plugin, you are part of the “grid” that broadcasts the stream. The Octoshape add-in for Flash Player will terminate itself about 5 seconds after the flash player has been closed/stopped, so it won’t be a node other than when you use it”

Really fancy, I have to admit!

Laurel Reitman, Sr. Product Manager of Flash Media Server Services asked to FM like that:

“As part of the effort to improve the experience of live events, we have started a technology trial to test grid delivery technology.”

This is great as an idea and technology but I don’t get how the word “trial” fits next to the express installation¬†feature¬†of Flash baby Player. I love Flash Player and Adobe, even more that the fruit company but man this sounds sooo weird. I have to say that I have the debug version so I don’t know if the release version is getting the installation box (but I think it does). To be fair I have to say that Laurel also mentions that:

“Flash Player Express Install functionality is not a general purpose installation mechanism. It is used to distribute Adobe software, such as the developer-initiated player update, Acrobat Connect, and the AIR badge installer, and for security reasons all packages must be digitally signed and delivered from Adobe servers. The Octoshape add-in is delivered during the trial as part of a strategic partnership to test the technology as a way to enhance the live video experience. We have no plans for any further distribution of third party software through the Flash Player.”

I really hope so. I love the baby player so much to see it being accused for problems especially when it’s not related to it (and that is unfortunately already happening for a lot of things).

Anyway the post is really worth reading it because there are more useful information there and for the psycho funs out there you will be able to read the Macromedia word a few times in there. ūüėČ

And YES, it still sounds THAT amazing!

“Shai did it again!”

After a few days I’ve finally managed to read my feeds. One of them was a post from Peter Elst.
A video which was part of the MAX Europe coverage of ActionscriptHero.
Thank you both guys for sharing!

If you are in a¬†hurry¬†I beg you to not miss the “magic moment on video” @ 43:00 and the¬†miracle¬†on 57:00.
My jaw is actually flirting with the floor..
Just one last comment..

THIS VIDEO IS NOT SUITABLE for image/video lovers with heart problems.. ūüôā

Adobe MAX 2008 Milan – Sneak Peeks from Peter Elst on Vimeo.