Best way to get Flex Builder in Greece

As I have already mention in older posts, Flex Builder is a really nice coding editor for Actionscript 3. Yes pure AS3, no Flex framework at all.

I know that using an IDE without timeline and library and all the cool stuff that Flash IDE has to offer is  a bit scary, at least for those of us that have an animation background but believe me.. Today, with the power of AS3, Flex Builder is the best code editor that Adobe has to offer.

I can tell you that when I bought Flex Builder 2, I had to pay 900 euros and that was almost a full salary for me back then! Switching to pure AS3 development it wasn’t also an option for me for many reasons so I had to buy it my self.. just for my self! There was no other way to buy Flex Builder like for example buy it straight from Adobe so I had to use the official channel, which was the distributor way. I live in a country were software piracy “shines” but I wanted to buy Flex Builder.


There are cases that an independent developer writes a really nice app and sells it for lets say 30-40 euros. I can not believe that there are people out there that will still try to use a cracked version of the app, no matter if they spend the same amount of money or more to buy crap. Yes I have met people that pay M$ to use XBox live but they don’t even consider buying lets say Transmit :O

This is what I call sad..

Now for the Adobe case, Flex Builder was expensive and definitely Adobe wasn’t the small company that needed my 900 euros to keep developing Flex Builder of course. But I gave them the money and let me tell you that I haven’t regret. I love Flex Builder and every day I love it more and more. Yes there are alternatives out there but since it works for me I just keep using it. 900 euros was and still is a lot of money but the feeling that I paid the efforts of all these guys from the Flex Builder team is really nice. Other way to express this would be  that every (or at least almost every) bit of FB worths it. A friend of mine believes the same  for Ableton Live. I don’t see this as paying a big corporation.. I see it as paying the salaries of the master minds that write the software.. and yes Adobe gets some money too. But thats the way it is.. As a matter of fact have you seeing what Adobe does since 2005? If there is a corporation to love today, who is it??

For the “thinking different” minds I have to say that yes, I am a Flash Platform freak. I
believe on it and I love it as nothing else out there.
Not paying for such software is like not paying for Twitter and that is not ok for me. You can call me weird 🙂

Anyway lets go back to the rock..

The reason that I wanted to write this post is because for a long time I was expecting some changes but unfortunately I can not see it yet.

A few days ago I got a newsletter that the Adobe’s distributor had a facelift on their site  so I thought I should visit it. To my big surprise I notice that Flex Builder 2 was listed under the Educational section and it cost 87 euros (exl VAT)  and thats when I started screaming on twitter 🙁

..and they almost are here.. 🙂
Since today that I checked again, Flex Builder is still listed under the Educational section but there is no available info like the other apps have there. Actually the whole line is empty (no version or  platform info).

I really like that they don’t sell it anymore if this is really the case but the fact that Adobe offers Flex Builder 3 Pro for education FOR FREE for a few months now you can imaging how  I felt when I saw that FB 2 actually costs money in Greece.

I would really like to see a push of Adobe’s Educational pricing  model for Flex Builder 3 and ColdFusion 8 from its Greek distributor,

So here are your options to GET Flex Builder today if you are in Greece:

Adobe e-store
Keep in mind that through the Adobe e-store you can only download the software and not get a box. My experience with the e-store is nice. The first time I used my credit card I got an email saying that it might take up to 2 days to approve it  and send me the license key and I was freaking out because through the e-store you are supposed to get the software immediately but they emailed me my license in the next 2 hours. If this in not the case for you, you should also have in mind that you can always use the trial software until the serial gets to you. The really cool part of buying software through Adobe’s e-store is that you can always download it again and again along with the license.

Adobe’s distributor in Greece
I’m trying to find Flex Builder on their e-store but unfortunately I can’t. I don’t know why but I do know that they have a large channel in Greece so probably they sell it through other stores. I’m curious about how this affects even more the price but I keep thinking positive.

Adobe Events arroung the world
Adobe is well known for the cool events that is organizing arroung the world with the most famous and after the MAX Conference (yes the Macromedia* Conference) the onAir tour that did last year on the US and Europe. Obviously the economic crisis put on hold those kind of events for now and even MAX Europe will not happen this year but on many Adobe or Adobe related events, software is given away for free from the awesome Platform Evangelism Team.

*you really though I could finish this post without even mention the word?

(forgive me and please correct me if I forgot any other way)

Now the coolest part..

Flex Builder 3 Professional is FREE for education.
All you have to do is visit and provide a student ID, faculty ID, employee ID or a letter on an educational institution letterhead stating that you are either a current student, a current faculty member or a current employee of the institution.

..and if that wasn’t enought Adobe took it a bit farther..

Flex Builder is FREE for unemployed developers.
You can read more info on the same page but in short if you are affected by the economic crisis  and you are a developer, Adobe is here to help.

You want more?

ColdFusion 8 is FREE for education.
I guess you know the link now..

Kinda Easter Egg..

When you buy Flex Builder you can order the Flex Framework and Actionscript 3 Class Diagram posters for free! Yes it works for Greece too and the shipping is really fast!

So what about the question title of this post?

Its up to you to find the right answer.

I only wanted to get some facts together to help you.

Go try Flex Builder and let me know your thoughts.