First look on Adobe’s BrowserLab.

Adobe BrowserLab is a new service from Adobe that lets you see how websites look in multiple browsers and operating systems. The app is made with the Flex Framework so the user can see it through the Flash Player. (Which means everyone can see it exactly as it is..)
The service is also offered on DreamWeaver CS4 and according to Adobe there is even more functionality as testing local and active content.
Unfortunately the service is limited to a few people while the Adobeans try to monitor the performance of the app.
You can read more here.

A second opening happened today and I was lucky enough to follow @adobebrowserlab on twitter so I now have access to the service.

I know there are some services already available on the web with similar functionality but I have to admit that I like BrowserLab first of all because its damn FAST!! I mean really fast!
It took me about 40″ to load the pages bellow!  I really hope the Adobe folks will manage to keep that speed after the service opens to everyone.


* The photos here are bit huge so if you have a small monitor you can click on them and then drag them to your desktop to notice the differences.

The second thing that I really love is the “Onion Skin” view mode. Not only you can see the site you want side by side but you can also overlay the 2 versions to get pixel level differences. As you can see in the next photo you can even change the alpha of each window to suit your needs.


*yes this is truly a screenshot of Microsoft’s website on my blog. As you can see Safari 3 on OS X has an opacity of 71% over the 29% of Firefox 3 on Windows XP. Click on the image to get a bigger reso and see how different this site looks on those 2 browsers.

Here are the shortcuts of the app:


In the end I can say that I am really happy with this app.
Its super fast, simple and it just works.

It might be available on Dreamweaver but I kinda think that it would make sense to have such an app as an Air one too. Its very useful and even if it needs a net connection to work it could have a place on my dock. Since its a Flex app I guess it’s not that difficult to make it “Airing”.

We will see. Congrats to the team that made it.

Thanks for reading.