Flash on the iPhone

So Adobe MAX 2009 is over. Another MAX I missed. 🙁

This is a quick post on the Flash – iPhone matter that “hits” the web..(one more time)

Since Apple considers the whole web as a non Flash web, Im really glad to see Adobe trying to move forward and putting an “export for iPhone” on the CS5 Flash IDE. What this basically means for me is that I can write an app on the IDE, the way I used to do it and then magically Flash can make it a native iPhone app. I dont really know what the world “magically” means here but even if it works perfectly I can’t keep my eyes closed to the fact that Apple is the dictator that will decide if my app should hit the store or not.

The big problem tho is not this. Of course opening up the development for iPhone to the Flash Community is big but its not that big and USEFUL as it is to give the chance to all iPhone users to browse the real web. How the f&((*& can a Nokia and a Sony Ericsson user have Flash Player on the browser but now me?

Dont get it. This whole thing is like the OSes war.. A war that YOU dear Apple loooose many years ago! For the love of Macromedia open your eyes!! You are losing it!

As for Adobe, this is really a good move, definitely positive news.

After all these (I still want to see the full keynote) there is only one thing on my mind:

Dear Apple, I know there is much to learn from each other if we can make a truce.
We can find a way to Co-exist. can there be a peace between us?

Peace? NO PEACE!

What is it you want us to do?

Keep your compiler for native iPhone apps but get used to the fact that you will never get my blessing on FP for Safari.

Do you remember who won on the movie? 🙂

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