This “post” was meant to be just a tweet.. But why not a post?

“I miss the days where everyone was trying to invent the future (of the web).
Nowadays seems that everyone tries to predict it..”

So its all about what technology/platform will kill the other?
Im so sick of that.

I dont give an iPad.

If Steve or even Adobe, for some people, want to kill Flash then I would love to see them try.

Flash is a huge part of the awesomeness of today’s web and not even Adobe can kill that.
I really wish I had some more time to mention a few names on what I consider as
“Flash” (Community that is). I might do it some other time.

Have a flashy day.

2 thoughts on “#FlashIsDead”

  1. Well said!!!

    Although Flash is not open sourced 100% and it belongs to Adobe,
    I believe that its heart belongs to the huge number of developers that have devoted their life (and I mean it literally) to build such a huge hardcore community.

    Long live Flash.

    p.s. and when finally HTML5 arrives, Flash will still be there,
    integrating nicely with it like it always have done.


  2. Hello G and thanks for the comment.

    Obvious when someone says to me that Flash is dead is not enough. No matter if that someone is Steve or even Adobe. There are people out there like @unitzeroone, @ quasimondo and so many more that if they do say it I will worry a bit, but just that.

    For me Adobe has the trademarks and Apple faces it as a huge competitor.

    But the point of this tweet/post is that even if Flash is going to die, let it die in the right time. Just stop saying it while it is not true.

    Again thanks for the comment. 😉

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