Hello there,

my name is Savvas Malamas and I’m a free lance web developer located in Athens/Greece. I also work as part of the New Media team of MTV & Nickelodeon Greece.

My toys are Flex, Flash and Air. I love keeping my toys in beautiful boxes of aluminum designed by a fruit company in California (manufactured in China).

While not working, reading or having access to my boxes I love playing with my Macromedia boat, shooting with my Canon 40D and trying really hard to make Lego and gadget companies wealthier. Windsurfing is one of my latests additions in a toolbox that helps me stay focused and clear my mind.

Beside this place I also blog on maven.gr about.. what else.. mavens of our times!

I believe in three Gods, Steve Wozniak, Kevin Lynch and Giorgio Armani.

Thanks for visiting.