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Akto presentation: Flex and Air in Greek.

On May 22 I gave my first presentation about Flex and Air in Akto (Private College of Applied and Fine Arts). I have to admin that I was very anxious and nervous, obviously because of the fact that it was my 1st talk and in about 20 minutes I had to explain as much as I could about those 2 babies. It was really really hard as I had to skip some sections like showing some demo Flex apps and I had to talk about some features very quickly but it’s ok since that was just a “first touch”.

I’m really looking forward to another event with more time available and of course with MY demo apps..

Besides the speech I was also lucky enough to meet Andrew Lindstrom (Adobe MEA Rigional Manager) and Alastair de Wed (Adobe Compliancy Manager for MEA and Mediterranean), 2 really nice guys! Alastair told me that my keynote “was all Greek to him”, which is fun since Arul Prasad had told me that before when he saw the Greek Developer F.A.Q. of Air (Alpha). Well I can understand that.. 🙂

After the event we had lunch and it was nice to meet in person with the Managing Director of Anodos, the official distributor of Adobe in Greece, Mr Kostas Dimakopoulos and George Kaiafas, the marketing manager of Anodos. I can’t wait to talk to them again and see how Greece is going on the Flash/Flex/Air side of things.

I would like to thank Charis Tsevis, the Adobe South Africa Channel Manager for the Mediterranean (oh..that was long..) for giving me the opportunity to talk about what I love so much and definitely his wife Eva for her support during my speech because I was ready to fall down! Thanks Eva!
They are a really great couple and I feel lucky to meet them.

I would also like to thank Akto for being so generous and offer the equipment and I would like to say congratulations for the award “Adobe Compliance Certificate” they got, an award given for the 1st time to an educational institution in Greece.

At the end I’m going to remove from my “display list of life” my stress and just keep the good moments of the day.

So here is the keynote (it’s in Greek), just in case you would like to see it again.
Bear in mind that it’s not very descriptive as it contains just some bullets so..

Adobe Air IS cross platform!

Adobe Air for Linux!

Starting today, your Air app runs on Windows, OS X AND Linux! This is one of the few times where the term “Cross Platform” is being used correctly! More on the term here. Adobe announced today the Alpha version of the Air runtime for Linux. You can download it from Labs.
I have no idea of Linux but I think that Air will shine on it cause of the ease of the creation of the applications(and maybe of the lack of some apps for Linux). This is very good news because all we have to do is to create our apps in our beloved Flex Builder 3(hey students this is FREE for you.. yes the Pro version!!) and Air makes possible for them to run on windows, OS X and Linux. Congratulations on the Adobe Air team!

7 days to learn Adobe Air by the Italian master Marco Casario

Marco started a 7day-7posts with really useful information on Adobe Air. (an Adobe Flex 3 is following)
He started the posts from zero so you have to know nothing about Air in order to follow!
You can read Part 1 on his blog.
Marco is well known in the Macromedia Community and I want to believe that he is one of the reasons that 360Flex and MAXEU2008 conferences will take place in Italy!
Learn more about Marco.
I’m currently reading his latest book “Flex Solutions: Essential Techniques for Flex 2 and 3 Developers “ and I have to admit that I really enjoying it. I was kind of tired reading about “theory” of Actionscripting and “MXMXLing”(!!) so Marko’s book really helped me on this because in each chapter of the book YOU ARE MAKING something so you are able to see how it actually works!!
Since the first book I have read for Flash (from Macromedia Press) was one of this type, I just love it..
You can buy Marco’s book from Papasotiriou bookstore for 60,98 euros or just order it from Amazon for 22 euros(!!!).

Adobe is making history..

Welcome to life baby!

In 2005 we were celebrating the marriage of Macromedia and Adobe.
These parents have made a beautiful home to host the conception and the birth
of a child that would change the web and the desktop.
This child was born today.
The 02/25/2008 is the first official day of Air’s life.

New York Times has posted a beautiful article about the history of this baby
directly from the mouth of his biological father.
Read it here.