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Ted Patrick has created a video project called 30onAir for the Flex 3 and Air releases.

You can create a video (I already did!) of approximately 30″ and uploaded on youTube.
Don’t forget to tag it “30onAir” so the team can find it.
You can record your self, upload an animation or whatever you like but you have to answer
one of the questions: Why Air, why Flex, Why Flash, Why Ajax.. I think you got it, right?

Those videos will be presented on the 30onAir website and according to Ted on the
The guys at Adobe have some really cool cameras to share to the best videos.
(Although I wouldn’t consider it in case you live in Greece, because we have
the worst Customs policy but this is another story..)

Have a look at the videos, they have a lot of fun and they are the best way
to introduce the Adobe Air to people that have no idea what is it all about..



The onAir tour is coming to Europe, this time without the super bus but by train instead.
This is not a big problem since the speakers list remains hot.

The cities are:

Madrid – March 31
Paris – April 2
Amsterdam – April 4
Brussels – April 7
London – April 9
Dublin – April 11Postponed

UPDATE: Dublin – April 11th a special event called “Scotch on Air” starring Ted Patrick, Ryan Stewart and Kev McCabe. More info here.

Stockholm – June 2
Berlin – June 4
Warsaw – June 6
Prague – June 9
Munich – June 11
Milan – June 13

Mike Chambers has more details on the Tour Blog.
Visit the onAir website.