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Adobe’s Flash Player Not Suited For IPhone, Apple CEO Says

If you are looking for something funny on the web
you can read this article on CNN about what Mr. Jobs thinks for the Flash Player on the iPhone.

Wondering about Mr. Jobs’ opinion for the Flash Player if Google hadn’t converted their youtube videos for the iPhone..
According to Mr. Jobs 300 Million devices that already shipped with Flash Lite are much better that his iPhone..
Maybe Simeon Bateman has the real story.

This is another reason that makes me believe that Apple is losing the game..
It’s a pity.

Flash Lite 3 Developer Version on Labs!

Good news from Adobe tonight.Flash Lite 3 Developer Version is availiable here for free, no IMEI needed no nothing(just an account on labs).I have just installed it on my Nokia E61i and it works fine.Flash player has a nice start up animation. You can use it only as a projector but that’s ok.I can’t believe I’m watching a full flash project (made in AS2) running on my cell phone and even more FLV works too!Have fun, thank Adobe, remember Macromedia!Here is a screenshot from the start up..And here is a temp video.