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In search of the ultimate back up.

This post is not intended to change your mind on how important BUs are,
if you disagree with the above statement all I can say is.. by no offense I’m truly sorry.
It also contains info on software back ups, hardware solutions and online solutions. (Ultimate back up, right? 😉 )

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Flash on the iPhone

So Adobe MAX 2009 is over. Another MAX I missed. 🙁

This is a quick post on the Flash – iPhone matter that “hits” the web..(one more time)

Since Apple considers the whole web as a non Flash web, Im really glad to see Adobe trying to move forward and putting an “export for iPhone” on the CS5 Flash IDE. What this basically means for me is that I can write an app on the IDE, the way I used to do it and then magically Flash can make it a native iPhone app. I dont really know what the world “magically” means here but even if it works perfectly I can’t keep my eyes closed to the fact that Apple is the dictator that will decide if my app should hit the store or not.

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PowerBook G4 17″ Vs MacBookPro 15.4″

A few days ago I bought a 8GBs Sony USB stick which was supposed to be really fast. It cost me 35 euros or something. I wanted to buy the 16GBs model but there was no “fast” version. Thanks to @vag I chose  the “faster” one. For a few minutes I had to think if there was anything to consider ,related to Mac VS PC , before paying for it but then again 1st of all there was a label saying “Compatible with Macintosh” and 2nd this was just a USB memory stick right?

WRONG! Boom!

While reading the manual (I love to RTFM) I ran accross this: “The memory stick is compatible with >= Windows XP and Mac OS 9. It is not compatible with OS X!”
This is where my hate to Sony came back (1st time was when I trying to downgrade my PSP..).
As compatibility Sony refers to a software they use on those sticks which is called  Virtual Expander.

This thing compresses the data before transferring them to the stick and this is how SONY invented the SUPER DUPER MEGA HIGH SPEED usb memory stick!!!
I wonder why they even bother porting this app on OS 9, I mean 9?? Jesus! and not on OS X.
I love the Bravia Engine Sony but you really suck on this. (Oh and about your “a” dSLR.. Please its a shame to call this thing SRL)

Anyway the USB is not super fast, it works but I dont have the 16GBs model 🙁

Today I run across this nice benchmarking utility for Mac OS X called XBench (which is free).

So I thought I could run a test on both laptops I own just to see the difference.

Here are the results on PowerBook G4 17″ Vs MacBookPro 15.4″:

click for bigger reso
click for bigger reso