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Singularity early bird tickets available!

Just a quick note (in case you are not following Aral Balkan {really???}) but Singularity tickets are now on sale.

If you don’t know what Singularity is, there is no problem just imaging this:

-you can seat down on your comfy Herman Miller chair (or join a local hub near you if you don’t live in Greece {if you do, you can come at my place!} ..)

-turn on your gorgeous Apple Cinema display (ok you don’t need an Apple Cinema but you should have a look on OS X for Macromedia’s sake get a real OS!!)

-and enjoy the elite speaker list of the Flash Platform (and not only) talking.

That’s right you don’t need to travel, no extra expenses just 62 euros/99 USD, an OS (even win***z) and this small piece of paradise a.k.a. Flash Player.. You know the one that has about 4,802,815,999 installs.. aaah don’t even bother, you probably have it already installed because if you don’t, you are really in danger if Sigourney Weaver find you.. 

Congrats to Aral and all of the Singularity team!