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A Wally on the island

In the beginning it was the movie..

After that the book..

Then, it was the live shock when I saw it far away, screaming..
Of course I was sure what it was.. This toy can only be made by one man..
Luca Bassani Antivari!

Then it came on the marine. 1st Wally visiting the island.

You can like it. You can hate it. One thing for sure..

Its fuc** woozy! 

So whats left? What else..

To shoot the 118…….

Enjoy the best bitmap data I’ve ever captured.

iPhone SMS report.

As Chistian Cantrell said a few years ago, iPhone is 5 years ahead & 5 years back at the same time and I couldn’t agree more. One of the main features that a user, coming from the non fruit-world, is probably used to is the SMS report. For the jailbroken iDevices there are many solutions but what happens with the simple, non-Geek user? It seems the solution is simple but it costs a few characters on each SMS.

So far I was only able to test this with Cosmote so if you test it with the other providers and it doesn’t work please DO share. For each SMS you have to start the message with the short “code” and then simply type your sms text.

So here is the list with all the providers I was able to find:

For COSMOTE start your message with: *0#

For VODAFONE start your message with: *#

For WIND start your message with: *NOT#

For Q-TELECOM start your message with: !

When the other person gets the message you receive an SMS informing you with the status. For example on my test, Cosmote send me the message of: “Message #183 to 690****** sent at 2011-04-06 15:35:00 has been delivered at  2011-04-06 15:35:00”!

Aint that cool? iPhone seems like a real phone again 😉

(Thanks to this guy who made the list.)

MTVGreece widgets!

I’ve build 2 widgets for Mtv Greece but I didn’t had the time to blog about them so far..
The first one is for my beloved Twitter and the other one is for music.

The twitter widget looks like this:

(you can click on the image to see it)

Special thanks to Paulius Uza for his help on this and especially for the server side which caches the tweets so we don’t have to mess with Twitter’s API limitations.

The radio widget looks like this:

(you can click on the image to see it)

It streams Live Radio from Mtv Greece through Akamai.
On this one I use Ben Stucki’s amazing audio visualizer.

On the demo below the widget plays an mp3 which is located on my server.  The reasons for this are two. The 1st one is because I have no idea if I am allowed to and the 2nd is because I wanted to present the widget on this post as it was originally ment to be. Unfortunately on the live version of this widget, which you can see on MTVGreece.gr, the visualizer is turned off because I get this security violation error. I guess this is because Ben is using the computeSpectrum to read the audio (and create the beautiful visuals) and since this is stream I probably need a crossdomain policy file (right?).

I have to make another post some time for the Akamai Stream – Flash Player communication because there is not much information out there..

Anyway you can click on the visualizer to change mode, all credits for this goes to the man, Ben Stucki and if any error occurs you can blame me. 🙂
Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful work Ben.

Oh did I mention that both of them are pure AS3?
Ok both of them are pure AS3 projects!