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Saving {my} twitter..

Hello there!

I have enabled the “protected” setting on my twitter account. Let me explain why..

First of all if you are a VERY positive person you can assume that I am trying to save twitter and skip the rest of this post.. ūüôā If not here is my main reason:

It wasn’t a lot of time ago when I started using twitter, facebook, youTube and all of this fancy apps that (unfortunately) a lot of people thing that this is the internet..

Before that I used to have a Flickr account and I only uploaded photos that I liked, without including photos with me or other people. Then, when the Apollo Camp was getting ready to start I discover twitter and I loved it from the very 1st minute. I have never used chat, but twitter was a nice way to keep in touch with the Flesh (Flash/Flex) community and it didn’t looked like another chat thing. Then I thought that I could use all the other “web sites” to read interesting stuff and keep in touch with all these guys that are related to the lovely Flash Platform. I opened up a youTube account (I¬†already¬†had one that has more views than my “official” but without my name on it) ¬†and I did an account on Facebook and on other “sites”. Right now I kinda hate FaceBook and I don’t use it that much (what’s to use for??). From all of this apps my favorite is by far Twitter (just to¬†answer on PolyGeek’s poll). That’s because I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY, it’s the 1st thing I do after I boot (analogically AND digitally). It’s a way for me to feel more closed to all these wonderful people, Adobes or not and why not, have some help or give some help too if I can. The last days for example I had a lot of help from Cyril and Dan and I thank them a lot!

Just because I use it everyday it is obvious that sometimes I tweet things that I might don’t want to be¬†available¬†to the public timeline (Flex doesn’t have a timeline) and especially to search engines (Google please leave my twitter account and try to use Adobe’s help for swf indexing).

That’s why I protect my tweets from now on. If I don’t allow you to follow me it’s not because I have something against you or I feel something like “persona”, it’s just that twitter is a way for me to keep in touch with people related to my hobby(and my job), people that I might don’t even have met before but it is¬†interesting¬†to talk to (yes, again, people related to the platform). If you are one of them then blame twitter and DEFINITELY sent and me a request!

I still have a lot of public profiles like Flickr, FaceBook, youTube bla bla and I won’t bother making them “private”. All I am doing is keeping my twitter account clean and by clean I mean things that I find interesting. It just doesn’t feel right (to me) to allow my updates to being shown to people that I don’t follow (but they do) especially those with “bad ratio” or people that I DO follow but their updates are just spam for me (sorry for the expression but if you have¬†understood¬†the reason for opening an account on twitter I am sure you will get it). Finally, for the last few days I got one more person, with bad “ratio”, that follows me after every single tweet I make.. ¬†

There are a lot of people that I do follow and they don’t bother following me back but that’s ok since it’s their account and they can do everything they want. If they¬†decide¬†to go private and don’t allow me to read their tweets (like Keith Peters who I admire), of course that will be sad for me but that’s their call (and if they had a non protected account in the past while you were¬†following¬†them you can keep reading their tweets with twhirl – This is NOT official, it just¬†happens¬†for me).

Again sorry for not following back to you.