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Adobe MAX in tweets!

No, unfortunately I didn’t attend MAX in San Francisco but thanks to my beloved twitters and while stacked on the huge traffic under this unbelievable rain in Athens tonight, I keep on track with whats happening on the other side of the world.

This is Adobe MAX 2008 in tweets:



Hello.. Anyone in Cupertino listening?

..but Apple’s permission is needed 🙁

Is Moscone that far away from Infinite Loop? No one is listening??

Off course..
Apple really needs to bring the other Steve on board..

This is called the whole internet Mr fruit guy..

Can you believe this.. Flash baby Player 10 in your pocket!

“Flash is everywhere, around you”..

Take that economy!

I’m waving…

Hey Mike that was available early in the morning here 🙂

No, Carla Bruni is NOT a codename..

The First lady for the First Company?

There is something in the Air again 🙂

Not only Flash Player is everywhere.. THIS is called cross platform!

Hmm.. Firefx what?

Not cool Andre..
I would call that AWESOMENESS(not that you don’t deserve it)!

I guess this will bring happiness to a lot of people..

As with Apollo,
I like more the code name but who cares..
Bring Thermo (oups I mean Flash Catalyst) to the people!

I think we need a maxinsider.com or maxrummors.com.

Thank you Adobeans for the live “stream” of info.

To Mike Downey:
after so many tweets I really hope that your fingers will be able to shoot some photos from the conference 🙂

Oh did I mention that all these were just from the first day which is not over yet??